• Cultural Tourist Attractions In Ethiopia

    The following tourist attractions are the major cultural attractions of Ethiopia:


    The Omo River Valley is still a virgin environment, where tribal traditions have remained unchanged. The women still dress in elaborately decorated skins and the men celebrate adulthood with special coloured hair buns. It is one of the few places you can go in Africa (or in the world, actually) and see people dressed in tribal attire—and they are not just dressing up for tourists.

    Meet the Mursi tribe whose women wear huge lip plates and whose men participate in ritualistic stick dueling; the Hamar women, among the most beautiful in East Africa and whose various metal ornaments indicate their marital status; the Karo, known for their body painting and erotic dancing; and other tribes like the Tsamai, Bana, Erbore, Konso, Gabbra and Borana, with equally fascinating customs.

    Cultural and Religious Festivals

    Tribal festivals and religious festivals are among the must to see colorful cultural attractions of Ethiopia. Please use the right side menu to choose a tour

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