• Festivals and Events - Tribal Festivals In Ethiopia

    As Ethiopia is a mix of many ethnic groups that number up to 82, there are plenty of festivals and events for most time of the year. Many of the Ethiopian tribes leave in the Omo valley which takes larger portion of the Great Rift Valley. The life of the Omo Valley tribes is embellished with different rite of of passages and festivals but most are occasional. We are specialist in proposing the appropriate season for finding some of these events and festivals. The following tribal festivals have fixed annual dates:


    Southern People’s Festival at Arbaminch

    Every year in mid December something extraordinary takes place in the stunning lakeside town of Arba Minch in Southern Ethiopia The 1000 Stars Festival is a vibrant and colourful celebration of cultural diversity. It's a unique opportunity to experience, first hand, the varied culture and music of an exceptional part of our world.

    This unique Festival has quickly become one of Africa's most renowned celebrations of cultural diversity.


    Ethiopian “People’s Day” Festival

    Dec. 9th is a special day for all Ethiopians; a day in which people representing each ethnic group in the country gather in a chosen host city to celebrate an annual event ‘The People’s Day’. Various cultural shows, photographic exhibitions and a day long musical concert will be performed by each ethnic group.

    There are also trade fairs and bazaars where indigenous products such as coffee, cultural ornament etc. are displayed.

    Besides celebrating our diversity, the event brings about cultural exchanges among the various people groups.

    An interesting part of the event is seeing the different ethnic and tribal groups each wearing its traditional costumes. Especially the lower Omo tribes decorate in a white bark belt and leather strap, ornament with notches, a short skin garment, and paint their bodies with artful designs adorned with jewelries made of bone and all sorts of metals.


    Please see our existing cultural tour of the Omo Valley in the right hand side menu. Any of the tour you chose from our list can be customized to include festivals.