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    Ethiopia is a country with countless offers as a tourist destination, the most important and popular attractions are categorized as historical attractions, cultural attractions and natural attractions.


    Historical Tourist Attractions of Ethiopia


    Popular Sites of The Historical Attractions In Ethiopia:

    Bahirdar, Gonder, Axum, Lalibela and Harar are the major places in the historical attractions circuit. The route in this circuit is very scenic and we strongly recommend driving some part. Particularly Bahirdar to Gondar and Gonder to Axum

    Means of Transportation To Historical Route: by air, by car or both ways combined

    The Road Condition In The Historical Route: Largely mountainous but most part of this route is connected with recently made asphalt road and the remaining gravel roads are also all weather roads. If you choose a surface tour you can use minivan, bus or land cruiser (4x4).When you take a tour which is by air: transfers and sightseeing at every destinations is with minivan or with bus based on the size of the group you are in, unless prior request is made for the arrangement of Jeep.

    Accommodations In The Historical Route: Out of Addis Ababa to historical route accommodations range is from basic to 3 star hotels.

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    Cultural Tourist Attractions of Ethiopia


    Popular Sites Of The Cultural Attractions In Ethiopia:

    Dozens of tribes and the Great Rift Valley are the highlight of the cultural attractions circuit. Hamer, Mursi, Karo, Surma, Erbore, Konso, Borena… are among the major tribes. The Great Rift Valley with its chains of lakes and National Parks are the part of this breathtaking region.

    Means of Transportation To Cultural Route:  by 4WD and regular flight is only possible to one site (Arbaminch).

    The Road Conditions In The Cultural Route: Largely the road is flat. New asphalt road, nearly under completion, runs all the way to Jinka (747km south Addis Ababa). After wards it is all gravel roads with some bumpy places.A 4X4 Land Cruiser is must to cover all important sites of the Omo Valley cultural tour.

    Accommodations In Cultural Route:Basic hotels, camping grounds, lodges that range from 2 – 3 star and moderate type of exclusive lodges.

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    Natural Tourist Attractions Of Ethiopia


    Popular Sites of Natural Attractions In Ethiopia:

    The natural tourist attractions in Ethiopia include the Danakil Depression, different National Parks and Sof Omar Cave. These are much less visited but among the most compelling attractions of Ethiopia.

    Means of Transportation To Natural Attractions Of Ethiopia:  most places can only be reached by 4WD.

    The Road Conditions To Natural Attractions Of Ethiopia: It depends on the type of tour you choose; generally roads that lead to many of the natural attractions are gravel roads that demand for the use of 4x4 jeeps. Some of these natural attractions can also be reached with bus. Detail information can be obtained on request

    Accommodations in The Natural Attractions Of Ethiopia: Mainly basic hotels and camping grounds

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