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    Here AET specialty service directly connects you to enthusiast local guides who are keen to share their knowledge and expertise. The local guides are not permanent employee of our company they live in the villages around the sites. They are the part of the community, the money you pay directly go to them. Our role is contracting the locals on your behalf and helping the locals increase their income responsibly.

    The local guides take you deep into the life style of the local people, arrange a house visit, share a meal with the local family, invite you for a local ceremony if there is one, and tailor making to include any thing strange the guest may have interests to see and so on.

    Find local guides by place Addis Ababa, Bahirdar, Gonder, Semien Mountain, Axum, Lalibela and Harar.


    We select our Local Guides on the basis of:

    • Registered by regional tourism bureau, certified and those with best command of English;
    • Have the required knowledge and experience of the fauna and flora, the sites and the local community;
    • Honest, reliable, trust-worthy and responsible of their impact on the sites and on the community at large;
    • With good reputation and excellent feedbacks from previous guests; and
    • Strongly believe tipping them is not a must task.

    Why you need to hire Local Guides?

    • Your tour with the local guides is the most authentic, enriching, interactive and personal;
    • They add a local flavor to your trip;
    • They are better than any body to advice you for any of your need in their village;
    • In this service it is only you and your group, no worry of differing interests from strangers;
    • With them you become a traveler rather than a tourist;
    • To minimize the cost of travel. It’s because you avoid the flights and accommodations cost of escort guide and bigger commission that happens when you buy sum of products together; and
    • The price difference between using this service and making whole arrangements of your own is very small but the reward of using this service greater by-far.

    Type of Services provided by Local Guides:

    • Airport/Hotel transfers;
    • Arranging vehicles, bicycles, motorbikes and boats for sightseeing;
    • Guided tour;
    • Providing camping stuff; and
    • Guaranteed hotel booking.

    Pricing and Payment for Local Guides:

    • Every local guide presents his price for you based on the service you wanted to buy;
    • Payment is handled with us and we keep the money until you finish the tour and until we hear yours feed back; and
    • For more information how to process payment, please see our Terms and Conditions

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