• Aberus Ethiopia Tours - Sample Itineraries

    When you open this section it is quite obvious that you are inspired for Ethiopian Experience after digging lots of information. As this is the defining moment of your decision for your Ethiopian experience to turn out a once in a life time, we advice you to take a bit longer time until you pick up a tour that has all activities you need then we know how to put them in one.

    From experience we came to know visiting a local house or a market might be liked more than visiting the remarkable rock hewn churches of Lalibela.

    Our private guides and local guides are specialist in blending many exciting activities with the tour you choose; with us on the ground nothing is overlooked before you are introduced and asked for your interest.

    Our specialty is making every tour to be a special one. Let us know what special things you want to be added to your trip then we make it possible for you. Otherwise, what is the parameter for a certain tour to be special over the others?

    Any of the tour you choose from our list on the right hand side of this page can be customized to suit your time, budget and interests.